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Graduate Recruitment : What You Need To Know In 2018

Posted by Kate Smedley on 13 Sep 2017

Graduate recruitment shows no signs of abating in 2017/2018 as eight out of ten employers intend to recruit the same number or more graduates in 2018.

The research from Xpert HR[1] also notes that 90% of employers still experience problems sourcing qualified candidates. Pay attention to the following points as you prepare your 2018 graduate recruitment strategy:-

First impressions count

A branded careers website offering compelling reasons to work for your business is essential to capture the attention of young talent. Over two thirds of ‘Generation Z’ make a decision on whether they want to work for your company within five minutes[2]. While your job advert and company website influence that decision, one third would not apply to a position if it did not offer flexible working.

Work on your internships

Milkround’s newly released Candidate Compass Report highlights the value of effective internships.  Over half of this year’s internships resulted in job offers but nearly three quarters of graduates who received an offer declined it. Concerns have been raised over unpaid internships and the lack of transparency in hiring processes for interns. Successful programmes offer students meaningful work, expand your graduate talent pool and result in new recruits. Review your recruitment data to evaluate the success of your company’s internships.

Clarify your job descriptions

Common complaints related to job posts include job descriptions which are too brief, the use of jargon or confusing language or a lack of information on how to proceed with an application. Ensure your candidates know what to expect when applying for your vacancies by including the following advice:-

  • Highlight the estimated time it will take to complete their application.
  • Offer a clear understanding of the entire process – including the use of pre-hire assessments such as video interviewing.
  • Provide advice on what skills you are looking for in your successful applicants. 

Expect rejected or reneged job offers

70% of graduates believe that the practice of reneging on job offers is acceptable and one third declined a job offer this year. Paying attention to your candidate experience enhances the likelihood of a job acceptance but onboarding also plays a vital role. The period between acceptance of your offer and your proposed start date is critical. Milkround’s study cites the example of KPMG who offer a range of services for their new graduate hires during the onboarding period. These include a ‘virtual buddy’ or Smart Contact, a New Joiner website and Facebook group. Regular contact is also promised via e-mails. Support your hiring process with recruitment software to offer your prospective hires a similar experience.

Eliminate the top five complaints from your hiring process

Graduates are most frustrated by the following areas of the hiring process:-

  • No feedback following an unsuccessful job application. Our previous article provides more insight into the importance of candidate feedback.
  • Slow or poor communication.
  • The time taken for employers to advise on the outcome of interviews.
  • The length of the recruitment process.
  • Too many stages to your hiring process.

These issues are all easily resolved with HR software that automates repetitive admin tasks, reduces your time to hire and streamlines your graduate recruitment processes. HR analytics also identifies potential stumbling blocks affecting candidate drop-off rates.

Your 2018 campaign starts now

A pro-active approach is vital to attract candidates with the skills your business needs, beginning now. The autumn term is the ideal time to source and engage with potential recruits according to research from Korn Ferry. Use a candidate persona to define your needs, target the talent with the skills and cultural fit that match your requirements and improve your retention rates.

Support your graduate recruitment campaign in 2018 with world class recruitment software used by leading graduate employers. Start your 30 day free trial with Advorto today.  

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