Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Recruitment Software?

Posted by Kate Smedley on 29 Nov 2016

Recruitment software can help to transform your hiring success in today’s competitive jobs market  but too often hiring teams and recruiters are failing to get the most out of their technology. Our nine tips show you how:-

Let it take care of the basics : New research by The Curve Group, found that half of HR directors are held back by administrative and non-strategic tasks so they are unable to plan effectively. With competition for talent on the rise, recruitment software frees up time spent on monotonous tasks by automating essential elements of the hiring process. As well as personalised, branded acknowledgements of job applications, HR software enables you to schedule updates on progress and send interview reminders to engage the qualified candidates in your pipeline.

Tag and fast-track your referrals : A successful employee referral scheme depends on a responsive, rapidly moving hiring process that quickly identifies talent. Choose recruitment software with an applicant tracking system that tags referred – or highly qualified – candidates to bring them to the attention of decision makers and move them swiftly through the hiring process. Employers are taking an average of 28 days to fill a vacancy. Talent won’t wait around that long.

Make it easy to share : Sophisticated recruitment software offers full integration with social media channels, making it easy for your employees and your candidates to rapidly share your vacancies online. Ideally, 40% of your new hires should be sourced through employee referrals as they result in a higher ‘applicant to hire’ conversion rate, happier employees and better retention levels. Ensure that all of your social sharing features are enabled in your recruitment software.

Allow candidates to register their interest : A long winded application process is guaranteed to lose the attention of the qualified candidates your business desperately needs. One third of job seekers won’t spend more than 15 minutes on a job application. An application process which requires candidates to repeatedly fill out the same information will result in lost talent. Enable the ‘one click apply’ or registration of interest facility across all of your job postings to capture the vital contact information of potential candidates.   

Reduce bias : The need to create a fairer hiring process will continue to be a hot topic in recruitment in 2017. Recruitment software provides a simple way to minimise bias and hire the best person for the job by adjusting your screening filters to assess job applications on an equal and objective basis. Applicants should remain anonymous before reviewing CVs or shortlisting for interview. Recruitment software which incorporates access to online assessments during screening will also enhance the objectivity of your hiring process.

Implement checks on your job posts : A glance through weekly recruitment headlines quickly demonstrates the importance of ensuring a positive brand message on your job posts. Take advantage of the hiring manager portal within your recruitment software that gives HR managers ultimate control over the final say over content posted to job boards and avoid the bad press that an inappropriate job advert brings.  

Automate onboarding : Onboarding is the final step in the candidate experience yet its importance is often overlooked by employers after their job offer has been accepted. One in five new hires are already looking for their next job and a poor onboarding experience influences that decision. Recruitment software automates basic elements of onboarding, freeing HR's time up from those administrative and non-strategic tasks to focus on integrating their new hires. 

Learn what your metrics mean : Successful talent acquisition relies on understanding current and historical data. For instant, ‘live’ updates from your recruitment analytics, HR software creates reports with data pulled down from Excel. If you’re unsure about the most important recruitment metrics to measure hiring success, our previous article explores the topic in more detail.

Allow it to expand with your business : State of the art, scalable recruitment software is designed to expand with your business and meet more complex hiring needs. For businesses new to technology, start small and familiarise yourself with the advantages it brings to your hiring process. Advorto’s world class technology is easy to use, with no training requirements or prior knowledge required.

Get the most out of your recruitment software to help you hire better people faster. Contact Advorto today to find out how.

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