8 Undeniable Reasons People Hate HR Software

Posted by Kate Smedley on 3 May 2016

The majority of employers prefer manual hiring systems, suggesting a fundamental dislike of HR software. We’ve worked out why:-

You expected HR software to provide an instant fix : HR software can be transformative but rushing through its implementation will only emphasise a broken hiring process. Before investing in technology your first action must be to carry out a candid evaluation of your current recruitment strategy and define your short and long-term goals.

It’s too complicated : 42% of businesses lack confidence in their ability to interpret analytics data and a third rank themselves capable of only basic reporting. Choose HR software that provides straightforward recruitment analytics, detailing candidate insights, vacancies and workflows all in one place.

You’re not prepared for mobile recruitment : People in the UK look at their smartphones over one billion times a day collectively but less than half of employers offer candidates the ability to apply for jobs via their mobile. HR software can change that and transform your hiring process by offering mobile friendly recruitment. In his report HR Technology For 2016 : 10 Big Disruptions On The Horizon Josh Bersin suggests we are in the ‘third wave’ of technology (a three step progression from licensed software to cloud software to mobile). Don’t get left behind.

Your employees don’t like it : According to Bersin, the success of HR technology can be evaluated on the basis of how successfully your employees engage with it. HR software which requires extensive training and the interpretation of obscure data will fail to engage your colleagues – or encourage buy-in from company leadership.

It’s not scalable : As your business grows your recruitment requirements adjust with it, potentially  leaving you with outdated technology that hinders rather than enhances your hiring process. Invest in scalable recruitment software that meets the ongoing needs of your organisation and enables you to achieve your talent acquisition goals.

Lack of flexibility : Inflexible systems that assume a ‘one size fits all’ candidate analysis prevent hiring managers from screening job applicants effectively, dilute your quality of hire and prolong the hiring process. Sophisticated modern recruitment software allows you to customise online application forms to collect in-depth data from qualified candidates, beyond their CV or LinkedIn profile.

It frees HR to engage with employees : We’re not suggesting that employee engagement isn’t a priority for UK businesses, but a Yougov survey found that over half of employees haven’t spoken to HR in the last 12 months. Furthermore, Bersin by Deloitte’s Measuring Employee Engagement found that only 11% of businesses rate their engagement and retention levels as ‘excellent’. With paperwork taken care of by HR software, there's no reason to avoid that engagement any longer. 

You’re suffering from buyers’ remorse : 88% of businesses don’t trial HR software before making an investment. Avoid buyers’ remorse. Be certain that your choice of technology fits your business needs but don’t leave the decision to one person. Involve your team and ask for feedback on its suitability and ease of use. The process will be more drawn out but the outcome will help to avoid unhappy users reverting to their default hiring method (manual systems).

Learn to love HR software. Invest in technology used by some of the world’s leading organisations. Contact Advorto today to start your 30 day free trial.

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