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What's Driving Talent Away From Your Business?

Posted by Kate Smedley on 20 Sep 2017

Attracting talent to your business often requires a complex and delicate balancing of a number of factors. Get one (or more) wrong and you face a talent exodus from your hiring process and a struggle to hold on to skilled employees.

Are these five areas driving talent away from your organisation?

Fearful employees

A recent survey[1] found that nearly a quarter of staff are afraid to approach their managers with difficult questions, with requests for a pay rise heading the top of that list. Discussing promotions and asking for flexible hours were also areas of concern for staff. Creating a culture where communication channels are open and employees feel confident in approaching HR on key matters relating to their jobs is vital to improve retention. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) recently advised employees wanting a pay rise to look for a new job. Pay attention to this key area to both attract and retain talent.

Over reliance on zero hours contracts

While zero hours contracts can offer flexibility for some workers, their widespread use was noted by the CIPD as a source of stress for workers last year. Newly released figures from the Office for National Statistics[2] (ONS) show a slight downward trend in the number of people employed on zero hours contracts between April and June, compared to the same period last year. McDonald’s was one of the first businesses to offer 115,000 employees the option of moving to a fixed contract. Review your recruitment data to evaluate the impact zero hours contracts may be having on your success in sourcing – and holding on to - qualified candidates.

Broken promises

Employment data released from the ONS last week notes there are only 1.9 unemployed job seekers per vacancy while the availability of permanent and temporary candidates continues its steady decline. In a competitive labour market, ensuring a positive employee experience is vital to boost engagement and productivity. Failure to deliver on the promises made in your hiring process relating to issues such as your culture or career development prospects makes it all too easy for your competitors to recruit talent away from your business.

Ignoring the data

Retention of employees remains a challenge for a growing number of businesses as one in five new hires reportedly leave their job during or before the end of their probation period. Early employee departures indicate an underlying problem in your hiring process or during onboarding. High levels of resignations of employees possessing the vital skills your business needs may lead to lasting damage to your brand if steps are not taken to rectify the problem. For example, the departure of an estimated 700 pilots this year has intensified the problems surrounding budget airline Ryanair’s reported staffing shortages this week [3]Analyse key metrics in your recruitment data on a regular basis to identify potential hiring issues before they become a major problem.

Poor workforce planning

Poor planning around staffing levels and skills gaps leads to pressure and burnout among your employees and can have a negative impact on your business. Inadequate planning around pilots' annual leave was the primary reason given for the high volume of cancelled flights by Ryanair. Negative headlines influence the decision of talent to submit a job application to your business or prompt existing employees to leave. A pro-active approach to hiring and talent management, supported by data driven recruitment is vital to compete in today’s jobs market.

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