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Posted by Jay Freeborn on 4 Apr 2016

At Advorto we talk to a lot of recruiters, and we often hear the same complaint – that for certain roles the HR department is inundated with applications, but there are also roles that are seemingly impossible to fill.

When your talent pool is empty of anyone suitable, and the C.Vs coming in aren’t meeting your criteria, most recruiters will search for an agency, or agencies, to come to the rescue. Agency candidates are expensive, in both the fees you have to pay, and the time it takes dealing with multiple agency contacts.

To solve these problems, advorto has developed a free agency management service called peepl.

How Peepl Can Help

The next time you have a vacancy you cannot fill, or that you need to fill quickly, all you need to do is submit your job title to peepl. If you have a job description you can include that, or we can work with you to create the perfect job spec for the candidate you are looking for.

Once we have the perfect job spec, we then agree with you the agency rate you’re willing to pay – usually around 15-17%.

Specialist Knowledge

We take your requirements to our group of niche agencies - specialists who typically have better access to qualifying candidates than generalist recruiters. We currently have specialists working in the following areas:

Single Point of Contact

You only have one point of contact, and we use your feedback (and the other recruiters using the service) to make sure the agencies only submit relevant, high quality candidates.

The agencies provide their top candidates to us, and we in turn pass the candidates to you, rated on a number of factors.

We can typically provide 3-5 matching candidates within 2 working days. As well as quality of candidates, we measure all our agencies on their time to deliver first candidates, so if the agency wants to be on the top of our list – they need to work fast and efficiently.

If the Vacancy Can’t be Filled Quickly

In the rare instance that less than 50% if the first 10 candidates provided to you are unsuitable, or if less than 10 suitable candidates can be found we will provide you with a full vacancy viability report. This report should help you to identify why it has been such a challenge and will hopefully give you some useful feedback, as well as recommending the next steps.

More information is available online at, which also includes a form to submit your next vacancy.

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