Festive Recruitment : Staying Productive at Christmas

Posted by Kate Smedley on 23 Dec 2015

If you’ve drawn the short straw and you’re stuck in the office during the festive season, here are our tips to fight off the boredom and stay productive until New Year’s Eve!

Check your assignments : Employers are still hiring and the keenest will conduct interviews during this time. The last thing you need is an irate client demanding to know why your candidate didn’t show or your temp hasn’t turned up for their shift. Take advantage of your recruitment software to send automated reminders in the days beforehand but don’t leave it all to chance. Schedule follow-up calls to ensure excessive celebrations don't jeopardise your hard work.

Get recruiting : According to recent surveys, over 7 million people intend to change their jobs in 2016. Nearly one third of professionals feel unhappy about going back to the same old office in January. Now is the perfect time to reach out to candidates on social media and source applicants with next year’s most in demand skills to fill your assignments.

Update your profiles : When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile or googled yourself? Recruiters spend hours checking out the digital footprint of applicants.  Cautious candidates will check out your profile to assess whether you’re a recruiter they can work with. If you want to win that target client this year or gain the trust of passive talent what does an online search reveal about you? If it’s not the personal brand or professional reputation you want your clients to see, start working on your profiles now.

Identify areas for improvement : Which of your recruiting skills are in need of attention during the next twelve months? Maybe you hold back when it comes to negotiating fees with your clients or perhaps your candidate prep needs more practice. Improving your skills in key areas can make a significant difference to achieving your targets for next year.

Clear up the clutter : If you’re in a recruitment sector affected by the festive slump predicted in the labour market, use the time to get rid of all the clutter piling up in your office.  A chaotic desk might imply that you’re busy (or disorganised) but it also slows down your productivity. Start 2016 in an orderly fashion. Out with the old and in with the new as some might say.

Get down to business : It’s quiet. You’re bored, but you’re stuck in the office so take the opportunity to plan ahead. The recruitment sector is buoyant. How will you make 2016 better than this year? The key to successful planning lies in the detail. Break down your annual goals into monthly, weekly and even daily targets. Structuring your days hour by hour will help you to become a better recruiter. Write the two or three key things you want to achieve each day which will be the measure of success. Avoid distractions by setting specific times aside to check and respond to your e-mails or discuss progress with your colleagues. Stay focused and you’ll surpass this year’s achievements.

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