5 Reasons You Shouldn't Invest In Talent Acquisition

Posted by Kate Smedley on 5 Jan 2016

It’s the beginning of a new year but the problems facing UK employers are familiar ones, such as, how to attract top performers to your brand. As HR reviews its priorities for 2016, we have one question. Should your business prioritise talent acquisition this year or is it a waste of time? Here are five reasons it might be:-

You don’t prioritise employee engagement : January traditionally sees an influx of new job seekers into the employment market and this year is no different. Investors in People’s (IIP) Job Exodus 2016 report reveals that almost half (49%) of UK workers want to change their job in 2016. The areas most affected are the tech sector, with 58% of people intent on a career move this year, followed by health and social care (57%). Employers need to understand what is causing such high levels of disengagement to prevent this imminent exodus. If your focus is exclusively on cashflow and the bottom line your investment in talent acquisition won’t produce the results your business needs.

You don’t see a value in social recruitment : Successful talent acquisition requires an effective social recruitment strategy. The goal for most employers is to increase quality over quantity in terms of applicants. For some, expanding their candidate reach through social recruitment equates to increased volume rather than better quality applicants. Through effective HR software, a social recruiting function can apply filters through your recruitment channels. Recruiting software can, for example, require candidates to complete an online screening test to allow them to assess their suitability for a position before uploading their CV or LinkedIn profile.

You don’t say ‘thank you’ : After poor management, unhappiness among employees (at 43%) and not feeling valued (39%) were the main reasons given for people wanting to change jobs in 2016. Employee recognition is crucial to creating a happy workforce and a positive employer brand. It is also vital if you want to invest in talent acquisition and improve employee satisfaction levels. The IIP survey found that 13% of employees would welcome a simple ‘thank you’ from their bosses. Add to that flexible working options and clarity on career progression for a straightforward solution to boosting employee happiness. As job satisfaction levels rise, turnover rates fall.

You don’t value your candidates : The ratio of jobseekers-to-vacancies has declined by 71.2% since November 2014. Candidate availability is at a post-recession low. As well as your employer brand, the candidate experience, from their first encounter with your company and your careers site through to the interview process and onboarding, has to be a seamless transition. Consistent communication with candidates in your pipeline during the hiring process will help to keep their attention and ensure they feel valued and respected. The candidate experience is central to a successful talent acquisition strategy. Automating key elements of the recruiting cycle enables HR to pay attention to its improvement.  

You don’t believe HR software will make a difference : Without modern HR software your business will be left behind in its efforts to attract talented candidates and compete in the employment market.  Now is the time to make the transition from a manual or paper based system to cloud based, scalable software.  Streamlining your recruiting process with mobile responsive HR software is a given before you begin to invest in talent acquisition in 2016.

Sophisticated recruiting software gives your business a platform to streamline your hiring process and get the basics right for your talent acquisition strategy in 2016. Find out how. Talk to Advorto today.

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