5 Myths About HR Software - Busted

Posted by Kate Smedley on 26 Jan 2016

As we’ve often lamented on this blog, employers are still reluctant to fully embrace the advantages of HR software in the hiring process, preferring to hold on to the familiarity of manual recruitment systems. In the meantime, technology continues to advance at a rapid pace and businesses lose out on sought after talent. Resistance to HR software is perpetuated by common myths, here we bust five of them:-

HR software removes the ‘human’ from resourcing
Far from removing the human element, HR software allows HR to pay more attention to the all-important candidate experience. Companies which do not use an ATS can’t effectively track and manage high volumes of CVs, losing the interest of qualified candidates in the process. With automated personalised responses to applicants taken care of, coupled with the ability to monitor the progress of talent through your pipeline, HR software allows HR to focus on securing top talent for the business.

HR software threatens jobs
A report from the World Economic Forum suggests that 5 million jobs will be lost to technology by 2020 as part of the ‘fourth industrial revolution’. HR software does not threaten jobs. A key advantage of automation is its ability to carry out dull tasks, allowing for more creativity in the workplace. HR software achieves that, automating the mundane administrative tasks in the hiring process. Removing monotony may also help to improve the low levels of productivity affecting the UK workforce.

HR software isn’t suitable for SMEs
Big data and HR analytics are often the last thing on the mind of small business owners who don't see its advantages and lack the funds or time to commit to technology. Cloud based HR software is particularly suitable for SMEs as it offers scalable, easy to use technology with a straightforward recruitment dashboard and recruitment analytics linked from live data directly into Excel. As you choose the level of HR software that your business needs it is a cost effective option. Tracking of candidates through your ATS makes it easier to identify qualified applicants and employee referrals. 84% of UK CEOs are increasing hiring in 2016 according to PwC. HR software allows you to pay attention to your employee brand in a jobs market experiencing a scarcity of talent. 

HR software dates quickly
As Deloitte emphasises in its 2016 Technology Industry Outlook, one of the three certainties in the rising digital economy is that the pace of technology will not slow down. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) systems ensure that updates are provided through the cloud giving hiring managers peace of mind that their HR software offers an up-to-date, efficient hiring process.  In his 10 Predictions To Guide Your Talent Strategy In 2016, Josh Bersin reveals that 66% of businesses seek a cloud based HR software solution.  As an added bonus, modern recruitment software offers user friendly interfaces and easy to use applicant tracking systems, requiring minimal or no training.

HR software isn’t essential for effective talent acquisition
In the finance sector alone, 99% of senior executives believe that recruiting the right people will prove to be a ‘huge challenge’ in 2016. Hiring managers are urged to act quickly to identify candidates with the ‘right skill set and commercial acumen’. It is possible to recruit people without HR software, but manual systems mean longer hiring processes and a mounting pile of unscreened applications. Sophisticated HR software helps employers managers to identify the talent their business needs more quickly. Cloud based HR software is one of the most effective options for businesses who want to improve their talent acquisition success.

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