7 Ways An ATS Will Transform Your Hiring Process In 2016

Posted by Kate Smedley on 22 Dec 2015

HR’s problem of how to source, hire and retain the best talent will continue into 2016. The quality of your talent acquisition strategy will lie at the heart of your success which in turn depends on your recruitment software and applicant tracking system (ATS).

If your business is still relying on manual systems in its hiring process, here’s why an ATS should be your number one investment for 2016:-

Mobile responsive recruitment : UK consumers collectively look at their smartphones an estimated one billion times every day but employers remain resistant to mobile responsive hiring processes. Less than half offer candidates the ability to apply via a mobile device which means you are losing talent as soon as it reaches your website. Today’s applicant tracking systems provide a seamless interface with your careers site and full functionality for candidates on mobile and tablet devices, making it easy for them to apply to your vacancies.

Streamlines your hiring process : A modern applicant tracking system streamlines the entire hiring process and improves the candidate experience, offering applicants the ability to apply with their CV, LinkedIn profile or by simply registering their interest. Functions include automated follow ups via e-mail and SMS, consistent social engagement and personalised messages from your team to ensure a human touch in an automated hiring process.

Provides meaningful data : Applicant tracking systems provide insightful data in the form of recruitment analytics offering instant updates on the status of your job posts and the candidates in your pipeline. Detailed analysis offers information on the type of candidates the post attracts, the number of candidates invited to interview and the most effective source of quality applicants for your vacancies. The information provided enables HR to make better decisions on talent acquisition strategies which align with overall business goals.

A better candidate experience : The candidate experience will continue to influence jobseekers in 2016. Applicant tracking software plays a key role in providing a positive experience for your candidates, providing a simplified application process and automated updates on vacancy progress. Modern talent recruitment systems allow candidates to self-qualify with a series of Gross Negative Disqualifier questions (GNDs) that enable them to assess their suitability for a job. GNDs can be both company wide and vacancy specific.

Business leaders expect more of HR : A new survey suggests that UK business leaders believe HR’s role isn’t limited to an administrative function but is essential for the development and delivery of overall business strategy. HR departments which continue to rely on manual systems in the hiring process will fail to live up to these expectations. HR software with an integrated applicant tracking system removes the time consuming administrative functions from HR’s day-to-day activities, enabling them to focus on delivering the business strategy.

Prevents talent from leaving your pipeline : Applicant tracking systems do just as their name suggests, preventing the embarrassment of losing a qualified candidates from your pipeline. Candidates entering your recruitment funnel through an employee referral programme are tagged and fast tracked through your hiring process. High quality candidates are quickly identified through the screening process and, with regular engagement, are less likely to remove themselves from your recruitment cycle. 

Removes unconscious bias : The more evidence based your talent acquisition strategy, the more successful it will be as recruitment analytics and algorithms help to remove unconscious bias from the hiring process. As automation replaces a growing number of mundane and menial jobs, HR software with integrated applicant tracking software is your first step towards data driven recruitment.

Transform your hiring success in 2016 with sophisticated, scalable HR software. 

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