Improve Your Graduate Recruitment Success In 2017

Posted by Kate Smedley on 5 Oct 2016

As applications are invited for 2017’s graduate training programmes, we identify four ways for employers to boost their graduate hiring success.

Is that degree essential?

In 2015 the CIPD revealed that nearly 60% of graduates were employed in roles that didn’t require a degree – a figure that is largely unchanged. New research from CV Library found that over half of all UK workers don’t use their degree in their current job or work in a position relevant to their graduate education. Hiring graduates for non-graduate jobs leads to frustration in the workplace, coupled with lower levels of employee engagement and job satisfaction. CV Library also revealed that graduates employed in sectors such as medical or IT are the most likely to use their degree, compared to graduates in retail jobs who were the least likely to make use of their learning.

Re-evaluate exactly what skills are needed for the vacancies you are trying to fill to ensure a close candidate match and improve retention levels.

Create a digital candidate experience

Traditional hiring processes aren’t working for the majority of young people. A Totaljobs survey found that over three quarters of 16-24 year olds find the entire job search a challenge, identifying issues such as securing an interview and navigating their way through the application process as problematic.

One solution is to offer a candidate experience that taps into the expectations of a digitally connected generation. Unilever is the latest organisation to introduce gamification into its graduate recruitment process, combining gaming with video interviews to identify the most qualified candidates. Taking it a step further the company’s recruitment process is now fully digital and incorporates a number of key steps:-

  • Feedback is provided to candidates at every stage.
  • A reduction in unconscious bias as filters are removed. This follows the company’s recent decision to also remove its minimum requirement for 300 UCAS points from its graduate screening programme.
  • The strongest candidates take part in a video interview before attending a Discovery Centre where they collaborate virtually.

Gamification is only one aspect of a digital recruitment process. Virtual office tours, utilising wearables to understand behavioural patterns of candidates and the potential of augmented reality are additional options available to graduate employers. All digital strategies can be integrated within and supported by your recruitment software.

Focus on recognition, not perks

Perks and benefits are relevant to young talent but only 40% focus on this aspect when making their application to a prospective employer. Areas of priority for 18-24 year olds in evaluating a prospective employer include the following:-

  • Recognition and appreciation of their achievements coupled with flexible working.
  • Job search app Debut’s Expectations of Work ranked access to social media as important to over two thirds of students in making a career choice.
  • Company values that match their own aspirations and meaningful work.

Tackle the soft skills problem

Nearly two third of business leaders regard soft skills as more important than exam results, believing that young people enter the workplace lacking experience in areas such as time management, social skills and the ability to communicate and work well within a team. The CIPD recently launched a national partnership with the Careers and Enterprise Company to identify 500 experienced HR professionals to collaborate with schools and help young people to develop these vital skills.

As we have previously noted, employers must liaise with education providers to ensure appropriate skills are being taught. The problem is exacerbated as the viability of apprenticeships faces some uncertainty. Over a quarter of employers are opposed to the apprenticeship levy, believing it would dilute the value of training programmes.

Tap into the graduate talent pool with recruitment software that helps you to hire better people faster. Contact Advorto today.

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