Imagine A World Without Recruiting Software

Posted by Kate Smedley on 28 Sep 2016

Finding the best talent for your business requires robust hiring processes supported by technology, as we repeatedly recommend on this blog. But what would the world of HR look like without recruiting software?  Filling your vacancy might look a little like this …

Somewhere in Excel :  Your advert is posted on a number of job boards and social media, the usual sites, although there’s no data to confirm what ‘usual’ is and you’re not sure exactly where the files are for the last few job posts. But there’s no need to panic. The information you need is somewhere in Excel.

Meeting the criteria : Job applications flood your Inbox. One week after the closing date HR allocates the time to review CVs. The working day becomes an endless queue of CVs as you attempt to evaluate which applicants possess the right qualifications, demonstrate an appropriate ‘track record’ and meet the criteria required for an interview. 105 CVs later, you’re no longer sure what any of that means. Did someone say ‘applicant tracking software’?

Losing ‘the one’ : Another afternoon passes as you attempt to retrace your steps to where you last had the application from your ideal candidate in your hands. After retrieving the perfect CV from the recycling bin, you finally make contact with the job applicant who is definitely ‘the one’. Unfortunately, your competitor responded to their application within 24 hours, carried out two interviews with them last week and they start their new job on Monday. It’s not HR’s fault. It took two people three days to reach the bottom of the CV pile and identify 20 applicants who might be a good fit. All of this hard work was followed by another day and a half debating the potential of the final eight candidates selected for interview, which was reduced to seven as the HR manager wasn’t sure about the name of one of the applicants.

The absent admin assistant : Two candidates fail to show for interview as your admin assistant is on holiday and final reminders were overlooked. Second interviews were delayed by two weeks and two more candidates withdrew their application during that time. One was referred by an employee. You’re not sure who it was. Your referral programme is still in the ‘design phase’.

The ‘perfect fit’ : Your new hire is the ‘perfect fit’. You know it for sure. The HR manager laughed all the way through the interview and said they reminded him of someone similar the company recruited last year. You refrain from mentioning that hire didn’t gel with the team and left six months later. Bad hires happen in every business.

Past achievements : Two months later, your perfect fit threatens a customer in front of witnesses. A few telephone calls reveal a track record of similar ‘achievements’ in their previous two jobs. A lengthy e-mail trawl reveals that the background check was waived at the time of hire. He was the perfect candidate after all.

Somewhere in Excel (2) : Another week, another employee resignation accompanied by mutterings about meaningful career conversations. HR would like nothing more than to engage in meaningful conversations but another CV pile is demanding attention after your top sales manager handed in her notice three weeks ago. Life would be easier if there was a way of identifying where you find your best people but retrieving that information would be a labour intensive job. It’s probably somewhere in Excel.

If this sounds like your business you’re not alone. It’s the world inhabited by over half of UK employers when it comes to hiring. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Step into the world of recruitment software that helps you to hire better people faster. Contact Advorto today.

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