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How To Meet Your Recruitment Priorities With An ATS

Posted by Kate Smedley on 17 Jan 2018

Traditionally, January often means a surge in job applicants for employers – an often welcome trend for hiring teams facing a talent shortage. This year, it isn’t helping to resolve that challenge. Nearly three quarters of organisations are now facing a lack of relevant candidates for their vacancies according to research from CV Library, which is affecting their recruitment priorities[1].

Here we look at four of those recruitment priorities and consider how an ATS enables your business to achieve them.

Building a talent pool

Building a talent pool is a priority for two thirds of businesses this year. Creating and nurturing a talent community ensures a source of pre-qualified candidates for future vacancies. The easiest way to begin to build that source is through your ATS. Those may include ‘close match’ applicants to your previous job posts or passing talent who complete a registration of interest form and have the potential skills to plug the gaps in your future requirements. With the introduction of the GDPR not far away, now is also the time to ensure you obtain the consent of all your candidates to retain their data on file. Applicant tracking software provides a centralised system for data management relating to all of your candidates.

Investing in the right recruitment tools

Speeding up the hiring process by investing in the right recruitment tools remains a target for HR in 2018. Recruitment software helps to reduce your time to hire by automating basic, repetitive processes, including candidate screening, scheduling regular updates to candidates in your pipeline and issuing requests for background screening, including DBS and reference checks. An ATS also offers candidates the ability to self-schedule their interviews, helping to minimise delays. A mobile recruitment process is also critical to allow talent on the move to apply to your vacancies and check in on their progress or update applications at their convenience. Choose recruitment software which offers full functionality for HR and candidates on all mobile and table devices.

Direct candidate sourcing

Direct candidate sourcing is becoming increasingly important for employers. Over 90% intend to use job boards as their top source of hire this year, followed by LinkedIn and careers sites. Surprisingly employee referrals are considered a top candidate source for only a third of businesses although they are widely regarded as the primary source of quality hires for high performance organisations. The recruitment data in in your ATS helps you to understand the sources of the most successful hires in your business. Once identified, qualified candidates and employee referrals can be tagged in your ATS and fast-tracked through your recruitment funnel.

Understanding your quality of hire

Quality of hire is a metric which the majority of employers struggle to measure but is considered a priority for over 85% of businesses. Here’s where the recruitment analytics in your ATS can help. The simplest way to begin is to assess the retention levels of your new hires. A short lived tenure is evidence of an underlying problem in your hiring process. The tendency to recruit from the same source, make decisions on candidate selection based on the interview and overlook the importance of carrying out exit interviews with departing employees perpetuates the chances of a bad hire. Start with those recruitment analytics relating to new hire retention to gauge the quality of your candidate selection.

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[1] Onrec, Businesses Reveal Their Top Recruitment Priorities For 2018, 16th January 2018

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