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7 Recruitment Lessons From Your Competition

Posted by Kate Smedley on 30 Jan 2018

If you’re looking for inspiration to improve your hiring process, the answer may lie in your competition and the recruitment lessons they can offer you.

Here’s what we mean:-

They are building a digital employer brand : A job offer acceptance is no longer a guarantee that your new hire will start work with your organisation. New research from Robert Half found that one third of candidates frequently receive more than one job offer at a time[1] and over half turn down job offers if your company values don’t match their own aspirations or are not clearly communicated during the hiring process. Ensure a consistent brand message across your careers site, through your job posts and during your candidate experience to attract talent.

They focus on employee referrals : High performing talent acquisition functions are a third more likely to recruit candidates through employee referrals. Your competition understands that employee referrals are the top source of quality hires for your business, offering higher retention levels. Support your employee referral programme with an ATS that makes it easy for employees to share your job posts across their online networks. To ensure success all employee referrals should be tagged through your pipeline – failure to do so has been described as a ‘referral programme killer’.

They offer a rapid application process : Talent seeks out efficient hiring processes and your competition is responding to that need. The top ten fastest job application forms all take under two minutes to complete. The quickest (Taylor Wimpey) takes less than 30 seconds[2]. A time consuming application process risks the loss of up to 90% of qualified candidates considering applying to your vacancy – or 4% of candidates for every minute you add to your application process. Applicant tracking software offers the facility for candidates to apply using their CV or LinkedIn profile. Alternatively, offering a simple registration of interest captures vital contact details of passing (and passive) talent.

Their prioritise mobile hiring : An estimated 90% of mobile job searches now begin from a mobile device[3]. Without a mobile responsive process your business is creating a huge barrier for talent acquisition. Effective recruitment software offers full functionality for hiring managers and candidates on all mobile and tablet devices through an applicant tracking system. Nearly half of all businesses don’t offer mobile friendly application forms – the 51% that do are attracting more qualified candidates.

They measure their quality of hire : Organisations capable of measuring their quality of hire enjoy higher levels of talent retention and employee engagement but less than a quarter are confident of achieving this. One of the easiest ways to identify issues with quality of hire is to measure staff retention levels, especially among your most recent hires. One in five employees now leave their jobs during the probation period.[4]

They are prepared for the GDPR : The GDPR comes into force on 25 May 2018 but 60% of businesses are still not ready and the CIPD has warned of a 'GDPR abyss'[5]. High performance organisations already have an efficient, centralised system to manage and monitor candidate data in their ATS. Under the GDPR, candidate screening processes must become more transparent and privacy statements clearly communicated during the early stages of hiring. Recruitment software helps your business to ensure compliance and create a better candidate experience. Speak to your ATS provider to find out how they can help you to comply with this new ruling.

They collaborate with AI : The most effective talent acquisition strategies are supported by recruitment software. Three quarters of businesses believe that intelligent technology gives them a competitive edge but HR functions are slow to use data on a consistent basis. The analytics in your ATS offer critical insight into the success, or pain points, of your hiring process, enabling HR to identify problematic areas requiring attention. For businesses still reluctant to ‘collaborate’ with AI, recruitment software provides a first step towards digital HR.

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[4] CIPD Data


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