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6 Tips To Get The Most From Your ATS

Posted by Kate Smedley on 6 Feb 2018

For hiring teams new to HR technology, harnessing the benefits your ATS brings to your recruitment process is a priority.

Here are our tips to get the most from your new investment:-

Incorporate ‘killer’ questions (GNDs) during screening

The number of job applications increased by over 80% in all major UK cities in January, compared to December[1], placing the pressure on HR to create a better screening process. An ATS enables more effective candidate screening, beginning with your application forms which can be configured to suit specific roles and allow passing talent to complete a simple registration form.

For more streamlined screening, take advantage of the Gross Negative Disqualifiers (GNDs) – aka ‘killer’ questions’ - facility in your ATS. These questions require your candidates to meet specific criteria, for example:-

  • Do you have a valid driving licence?
  • Do you have qualification xxxx?
  • Can you travel to xxx as part of your daily commute?

Questions can be configured within your recruitment software and linked to company-wide, as well as vacancy specific, criteria ensuring that candidates progressing to your next stage of screening meet those basic requirements.

Integrate pre-hire assessments to identify talent

A modern ATS enables employers to integrate additional assessment tools during the screening process, ensuring that the candidates who make your initial shortlist are the most qualified for your vacancy. Pre-hire tests include psychometric assessments, situational judgement tests (SJTs) and video interviews to create a more efficient and objective screening process.  

Tag and fast-track priority candidates

‘Time kills deals’ in recruitment and that is often the experience of recruiters and hiring teams trying to keep track of the stand-out candidates in their pipeline. Recruitment software enables you to tag and fast-track qualified and referred candidates through your ATS and check their progress through a candidate dashboard. Applicants sourced through recruitment agencies can also be identified by separate tagging.

Offer self-scheduled interviews

An ATS helps to eliminate delays in interview scheduling resulting from missed calls by offering your candidates the facility to select preferred interview times and dates through an online candidate portal. Schedule an automated confirmation and reminder prior to the interview date to minimise candidate no-shows.

Automate basic processes

One of the benefits an ATS brings to your hiring process is a better overall candidate experience and faster time to hire. Begin by automating basic administrative and repetitive tasks, including:-

  • Requests for and approval of job requisitions.
  • Multiple and simultaneous posting of your vacancies across your online recruitment channels, ie, job boards, social media and LinkedIn.
  • Personalised e-mail templates to acknowledge job applications.
  • An outline of the next steps in your hiring process for your candidates.
  • SMS confirmation and reminders of interview dates.
  • Hiring approval for successful candidates.
  • Automated requests for reference and DBS checks.

Get to know your recruitment metrics 

Understanding your recruitment metrics is essential to the overall success of your talent acquisition strategy. An ATS provides comprehensive, reporting tools which offer customised or ad-hoc reporting on the key data captured in your system. Reports are delivered in real-time to ensure an up-to-date picture of the progress on your vacancies and measure your key recruitment KPIs, such as time to hire, source of hire, job offer to acceptance ratio and the retention rates of your most recent hires.

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