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How To Expand Your Candidate Reach

Posted by Kate Smedley on 11 Oct 2017

The majority of hiring teams use a combination of online recruitment channels to expand their candidate reach. How effectively is your business using these four sources to attract more talent? 

Employee referrals

Mature talent acquisition functions are one third more likely to recruit candidates through employee referrals according to Bersin by Deloitte. Employee referrals are also the top source of quality hires for around half of all organisations, offering higher levels of retention compared to candidates hired through job boards and careers sites.

As concerns over retention of new hires remain high, an effective employee referral programme offers a solution to the skills gap in your business. Make it easy for your employees to share job posts and provide them with prompt feedback on unsuitable referrals. Fast track referred candidates through your ATS and ask for referrals from all of your new hires during onboarding.

Aim to make employee referrals the top source of quality hires in your business. 

Job boards

Despite predictions of their demise, job boards remain a popular option for candidates and employers. Social Talent’s 2017 Global Recruitment Survey found that 43% of recruiters still use paid job boards, compared to 37% last year[1].

The top job boards in 2017 according to Careers Expert are:-[2]

  1. 1) Indeed
  2. 2) Total Jobs
  3. 3) Reed
  4. 4) Monster
  5. 5) CV-Library
  6. 6) Jobsite
  7. 7) Guardian Jobs
  8. 8) Jobs.ac.uk
  9. 9) CW Jobs
  10. 10) Adzuna

Indeed continues to dominate, with 200 million job seekers reportedly using the site each month and the total number of jobs posted per second on the site now at 9.8.

Job boards typically attract active job seekers and require targeted screening. For the most effective use of job boards in your hiring process:-

  • Carefully select your screening filters and keywords specific to your company requirements.
  • Use the data in your recruitment software to monitor the success of each individual job board and research the trends in your sector to attract qualified candidates to your job posts.

Niche job boards specific to your sector can provide a better source of qualified candidates.

Social media

Social recruitment enables HR to tap into a potential source of passive talent. However, a new survey found that only 39% of employers use social media to recruit, while just under half (49%) post vacancies on social media sites[3]. It also suggests that businesses are not taking full advantage of the social media platforms they are already on and are concerned over losing control of their brand message. Despite these concerns, Employer Branding Now from Universum Global and the DHI Group, Inc found that when it came to employer brand, social networks saw the biggest increase in spend during 2017. 

A successful social media presence requires regular monitoring and an understanding of where talent is most likely to engage with your company. For example, only around a third of LinkedIn’s 467 million members are active each month, compared to Facebook which has two billion users.

Our previous article provides more advice on introducing social media into your recruitment strategy.  The key to success is consistency in your message and regular engagement with your audience. Over time, your recruitment data will provide insight into which social media site provides the most consistent source of talent for your business.   

Talent communities

As qualified candidates become harder to recruit, creating and nurturing your own talent pool is essential. Your social media presence will help to populate this community of potential future hires. Unsuccessful applicants for your current job posts can also be invited to your talent pool. These include:-

  • Candidates with future potential who do not fit any other existing vacancy.
  • ‘Close match’ candidates who were unsuccessful at interview.
  • Candidates with skills that may fit future roles.

For more information please see our 8 point checklist for creating a talent community.

A note on your careers site

Your careers site is the final destination for candidates directed through your job posts and must be an informative resource for visitors. It must also be branded, mobile responsive and easy to navigate and offer a positive start to your candidate experience. Provide a blend of content including videos, blogs and virtual tours of your offices and offer compelling reasons to work for your business - and apply for your open jobs. 

Track the source of your hires with Advorto’s world class recruitment software, designed to help you hire better people faster. Contact us today to find out more.

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[2] Source : http://www.careerexperts.co.uk/job-searching/top-job-sites-2017

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