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6 Tips To Improve Your Job Application Process

Posted by Kate Smedley on 10 Oct 2017

Unemployment levels are at a record low, candidate availability is in freefall and most industry sectors face a skills shortage. To engage with talent your application process must be efficient and responsive. 

Here’s how to achieve that:-

A simple application form : A new survey from Indeed[1] found that the average initial job application forms used by FTSE top 100 companies take nine and a half minutes to complete. The average number of questions used on each form is 34.2. That’s too long to hold on to the attention of high achievers. The survey also found that for each minute added to the application process employers risk losing up to 4% of applicants to their job posts. A high proportion of candidate drop-offs at this stage is an early indication of an underlying problem. Review your job application and offer candidates the opportunity of applying with their CV or LinkedIn profile through your recruitment software. 

Offer a registration of interest : Netflix and Taylor Wimpey topped Indeed’s survey, both with a total application time of under a minute. Netflix asks just five questions of its candidates for vacancies at all levels. While you’re working on reducing the number of questions in your application process a simple registration of interest offers a viable alternative to capture the vital contact information of qualified candidates.

Be mobile friendly : Nearly half of all internet use is expected to be via mobile in 2017 but Indeed’s survey also found that nearly half (49%) of the top organisations still don’t offer a mobile friendly application form in their hiring process. Support your talent acquisition strategy with recruitment software that offers full functionality for both candidates and hiring managers on all mobile and tablet devices.

Enhance your screening : The CIPD'S Labour Market Outlook revealed that there are only 8 applicants for each highly skilled job. To ensure you don’t lose those applicants your screening process must be streamlined and responsive. Historical recruitment analytics help to identify candidates who share the skills and qualities of your most successful hires. These should be tagged and fast tracked through your ATS. Pre-hire assessments integrated in your recruitment software also ensure that the applications that reach HR’s desk are the most suitable fit for your vacancy.

Move quickly to avoid no-shows : Candidate no-shows are a constant source of frustration for HR. Recruitment data which reveals a persistent problem with qualified applicants failing to show up for interview needs your attention. A slow hiring process, poor company reputation and missing deadlines at critical stages all contribute to a higher level of absentee candidates. Recruitment software automates repetitive, basic elements of the recruitment cycle, allowing HR to focus on the talent in your pipeline. Offer automated, personalised acknowledgements of all job applications and allow your candidates to self schedule their interviews. 

Don’t delay your hiring decision : A survey by Robert Half found that final candidate selection takes over four days on average. In that time, your ideal hire has been offered (and probably accepted) a job with your competitor. Recruitment software facilitates easy collaboration and agreement on candidate selection supported by the evidence in your HR analytics. Today’s job seekers apply for multiple jobs to enhance their opportunity for a quick career move. Make that offer within 24 hours to enhance the likelihood of an acceptance and move quickly to onboarding.

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